More dates…

So after the Chinese guy I met up again with Mr A.  and I have been seeing him regularly.

I got a cold this week, really bad cold.  When he was finished with work he came to my apartment and made me dinner and came to see if I was ok.  That was really sweet and knocked him up in my estimations a fair bit.

Although we are not a couple, so I am still dating other guys, but none have stuck so far…

Yesterday I met a guy in Kawagoe.  He was creepy, way to forward in making it obvious he wanted to date me seriously and looked NOTHING like his picture on his profile.  Needles to say I will not be seeing him again.  ugh.


Tonight I went for coffee with a pâtissier, he was nice, kind of awkward.  We had lots of awkward silences and he seemed kind of quiet.  But it seems like we had a lot in common and he asked me if I would like to go out for drinks with his friends sometime, we exchanged details and that was it.  Who knows how that will turn out.

I think I have plans to go drinking with a guy in Yokohama on Sunday, but I might have to cancel because I am tired.  But then I might as well go because then I will have more dates to write about.

Date with a Chinese guy.

I’m not going to lie he was beautiful.  Tall, well built, good hair… eyes were a little too close together, but meh.
I asked him if he wanted to speak in English or Japanese, mainly because it weirds me out speaking Japanese to other foreigners.  Unfortunately he said Japanese.  So I found it really hard to understand what he was saying.  And it must have sounded so funny to all the Japanese people to hear an English girl and a Chinese dude speaking Japanese.  

Anyway on to the date.  We met at the station and he took me to a family restaurant … classy.  He ate peas and egg and I had risotto…I got the feeling he wasn’t overly impressed with my appearance(I work with kids and had just come from work looking like I had been working with kids all day), but that’s cool because along with being beautiful, he was also very effeminate, and he took me to a family restaurant.  So I didn’t think he was so great either.   He was nice though and got my drinks and paid for (700 yen for both of us) dinner…but the whole date lasted an hour in total so it was quick, award and a new experience.  He hasn’t contacted me since and I wont be contacting him.

In the mean time things are still happening with Mr.A but I think it’s just because I am lonely.  

I am meant to be going on a group date with some work friends tonight but everyone in work got sick, so who knows how it will pan out…?

The second date with Mr A

So guy A and I went out for tea after I finished work on Monday.  The conversation was good but he kept talking about how he didn’t like to be busy and didn’t like stress… This guy is 28 and works in a cafe.  He seems quite happy doing that and wants to keep doing it as far as I know.  But it made me ask myself, do I really want to date someone like this?  Someone who clearly has no intention of doing anything seriously.  Anyway we kissed a little and said good night.

He said he couldn’t wait to see me and was meant to meet me after work tonight, but he cancelled last minute and I don’t think I care enough to arrange to meet him again.  I think that’s it for me and A.  I hate people who cancel at the last minute.

But I have also been mailing with a guy who shall be known as SL, I think we are going out over the weekend, but who knows?  I am pretty fucking sick of guys now, so I might cancel…

So I have been doing the on-line dating thing recently.

After a bad relationship that ended in July, I have been trying online dating.

So far I have met 4 guys and not one of these meetings has been good.  Let me tell you about them.

Guy H

He seemed full on at the beginning and I was a little put off.  He also lied about his age on his profile, which I was not amused at.  But the first date went really well and I really liked him. We had all of the same interests, talking to him was fun and easy blah, blah, blah. Things got no better after this and on our 5th date he said that he just wanted to be friends, but that he didn’t want me to date other guys.  After getting quite angry and a lengthy talk, he asked me to be his girlfriend (as is done in Japan).  I said yes but was unsure about it, and we made plans for the following weekend and said goodnight.  The following days I had no contact from him, so I emailed him asking if we were still going out on Sunday.  He emailed me back saying nothing but “Sorry” and I hate all men.

The next guy I met we will be calling guy A.  A is nice, a little awkward and nerdy and WAY to full on with the emailing me all the time.  We went to see a movie and he asked if he could hold my hand (in the most round about way ever) I will tell you, because it’s funny and kind of cute.  I had my hands in my pockets as we were walking to the station after the movie and he knocked my hand with his.  I asked him what he was doing and he said nothing.  Then he asked to see my hand so I showed him and he said ” Wow, your hands are really small.  I’d better hold it for you.”  We parted ways and made plans to go somewhere when work calms down for both of us, but he has been emailing me non-stop and I think we are meeting for tea tomorrow night.  Watch this space, but I don’t think it will work.

Guy three is Sir K. I call him this because he was insanely posh.  I think he is quite rich and he was a nice guy but not my type at all.  He took me for yakiniku, to a really posh restaurant and was OK for talking too.  Downsides were that his laugh got on my nerves, his way of talking was too patronising and he kept putting his arm around me and moving me through crowds.  He emailed me this weekend and asked to go out but I’m not emailing him back, because I don’t want to.


Guy for is guy Y, who I met today.  He was not a good looking in real life and was very effeminate and more clumsy than I am.  I just got an email from him now saying that when I am free next, we should hang out.  I think a polite “today was fun, let’s do it again” mail with no promises is what I will send back.  We didn’t seem to have any of the same interests and he is a student and didn’t pay for anything…That sounds awful, but the other guys all paid for everything or at least 80%.  

I also met up with a guy I met at a club 2 years ago.  We went to the zoo and went drinking.  He’s also not fantastic looking and he smokes…but we get along really well, but I know he doesn’t want to date me, which my head thinks is kind of a shame, but my heart thinks is about right, coz I don’t want to date him either. Lol.


I am worried I might be getting addicted to internet dating.  But I there is no way for me to meet guys in my everyday life, so I don’t feel bad about it.  After this week, however, I feel like I want a week long break from dates.  Dating it tiring.